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Motor interpretation of market industry elite compete for the top show
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Micro motor market brilliant "money scene" is increasingly apparent. A few days ago, a car motor stator and rotor manufacturing the said letter quality motor was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is a listed company following the Johnson Electric, Founder Motor predecessors. The capital favor of the the micro motor vehicle market, due to its broad market prospects. Analysis of the industry, the next 5-10 years as the world's first automobile manufacturing and consuming countries, China's auto industry will remain a compound growth rate of 10% -15%, and further increase the degree of automotive electronics, micro-motor vehicle market capacity The growth can be maintained at more than 15%.
In fact, in addition to the automotive industry, household appliances, cosmetics, aerospace, industrial machinery, magnetic materials and many other related industries, as well as mobile phones, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other emerging areas, micro motor demand is increasing day by day, China micro motor market is ushering in the spring. The latest data show that China's major cities micro motor family has an average of only about 20 to 40 units, far below the level of developed countries, the average household has 80 to 130, domestic micro motor market will show a long-term demand strong situation. According to the forecast, "Twelve Five" the end of the annual production of small motors in China will reach 100 million units, accounting for 70% of global small motor production.
The face of temptation micro motor market, an increasingly competitive industry, can be seen from the top professional exhibition "popular". It is reported that in 2012, 20 to 22 September in Guangzhou? China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex at the "2012 China (Guangzhou) International micro motor and magnetic Fair (MIA 2012) breeze is very hot. According to show organizers Chinese Institute of Electronics responsible person said, the exhibition in the breeze process, in addition to NEC, quality motor, Mitsubishi Electric, Dongfang Electrical Machinery, Heng monitoring, Desai Magnetic Industry, the only true motor, Guangdong Jia and Campbell motor, the Ming motor and other world top 500 enterprises, industry giants and listed company of close concern and full support, China largest micro motor production enterprises Jinlong Electrical and Mechanical global similar motor products of leading suppliers Ocean Motor, the world's largest motor manufacturing Germany Johnson Electric micro motor international speculators have begun to "gearing up", will be the MIA 2012 included in the exhibition plan. The exhibition exhibitors is expected to reach more than 250, the the major micro motor and magnetic materials production manufacturers have been encouraged to register "appearance.
Industry event focused on the field of micro-motor and Magnets MIA 2012 is one of the biggest and most influential exhibition organizers in Zhenwei Group, together with the Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Electronics Materials Industry Association to build " China's most professional micro-motor Magnets "exhibition, exhibits, ranging from micro-motor, small and medium-sized motors, gear motors, permanent magnet motors, DC motors and other types of electrical products, motor manufacturing and test equipment, power supplies and electrical transmission and industrial automation equipment, and motor related parts and key materials and other aspects. One of the key materials for the manufacture of micro motor, all kinds of magnetic materials and their applications, manufacturing and test equipment will also be exhibited in this exhibition with the theme of micro motor.
Then, Changsha Heng Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. as of electromagnetic measuring equipment industry leader, will carry gauss meter, soft magnetic materials, magnetic materials, silicon steel and other materials testing device exhibition debut. Jiangsu Desai the Magnetic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. In this exhibition to luxury the special decoration lineup heavy attack, exhibited its core product Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet materials. This exhibition will become a the the major micro motor and magnetic materials enterprises to showcase their latest products and cutting-edge technology to compete for market share in the second half of the year "battleground".
Mia 2012 the growing importance of "experts pointed out that" The current market size of micro motor and magnetic materials are close to $ 200 billion, to make this prospect a reality, similar to the a MIA 2012 third-party platform for non- or lack of it. "as an important springboard to seize the Chinese, MIA 2012 built a convenient and efficient communication, mutual benefit and one-stop supply and marketing platform, rapid and healthy development in a strong impetus to micro-motor and magnetic materials industry, but also to more many vendors in the industry benefit from it.