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The micro motor vehicle very broad prospects
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Modern cars, the use of micro-motor range is growing, in some cars ABS system, electronically controlled suspension system, electronically controlled power steering system and electronic throttle should be used in micro-motor. With the development of automotive electronics, micro-motor has become even more important. Car miniature motor is widely used in the car. In the car in addition to the others in the car to start the engine starter motor micro motor.
The previous micro motor vehicle only as a wiper, windshield scrubbers, electric pumps, automatic antenna-assembly power source, a relatively small number. The car now focus on the pursuit of passenger comfort and handling, micro-motor has become an indispensable part of modern cars.
The Champoux Consulting machinery industry analyst pointed out that the: micro motor vehicle prospects are very broad. As the world's first automobile manufacturing and consumption big country, China's automotive industry in the next 5-10 years will remain a compound growth rate of 10% -15%, and further increase the degree of automotive electronics, micro-motor vehicle market capacity growth, long-term maintained at more than 15%. Capital the micro motor vehicle market is also very popular.
According to Champoux Consulting released "2012 China micro-motor and other motor market analysis and investment strategy research report" shows: In addition to the automotive industry, household appliances, cosmetics, aerospace, industrial machinery, magnetic materials, and many other industry, as well as mobile phones, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other emerging areas of micro motor demand is increasing day by day, micro motor market in China is ushering in the spring of development. The latest statistics show that: At present, China's major cities micro motor family has an average of only about 20 to 40 units, far below the level of developed countries, the average household has 80 to 130, domestic micro motor market will show a long-term demand situation. Estimates, "Twelve Five" the end of China's annual output of small motor will reach 100 million units, accounting for 70% of global small motor production.